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The Tiny Lives Trust

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About us

The Tiny Lives Trust is the independent charity that helps support premature and sick newborn babies and their families who spend time in the Newcastle Neonatal Service based in Ward 35 of the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

The fund aims to provide the highest quality of care on an ongoing basis and needs to raise at least £350,000 every year to support a range of services, facilities, staff, and equipment including:

• developmental care aids and equipment, for example baby nests, gel pillows, sleep shades, and noise level monitors that offer the highest quality of care

• a package of support for every family so parents can chart their baby’s progress, including a memory box, journal, and stickers to record those early critical days, weeks, and sometimes months

• a family room and accommodation as families often have to stay close to their baby

• travel costs and financial support for low income families who may have to travel for many months from across the region

• a Neonatal Physiotherapist to aid early development, support families, and train nursing staff

• specialist training so nursing staff have access to the latest developments in neonatal care

• a dedicated Social Worker who provides social, emotional, and practical support for parents

• research grants that enable the unit to lead on neonatal developments and offer the highest quality of care

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